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how to fix puffy eyes

How To Fix Puffy Eyes

How many times have we awakened only to be scared of our own image when we first look in the mirror because our eyes look like some monster from a horror film? Dark skin with puffy and swollen eyes can force our morning routine to be longer, harder, and more stressful as we race to […]
how to repair skin with copper peptides

How To Repair Skin With Copper Peptides

Copper peptides are one of the best kept skin care secrets to get younger looking skin and repair skin damage. Scientific studies have shown how copper peptides quickly respond and assist in healing wounds and repairing tissue damage. Copper peptides can be found in serums and creams which can be used for many beauty ailments […]
  • kool aid hair

    Coloring Hair With Kool Aid

    Coloring hair with koolaid seems to be quite the rage these days. Cheap, long lasting hair color with the entire rainbow to choose from! Or is it? You can find many tutorials on Youtube and on blogs. Everyone has an opinion on this type of Do It Yourself hair color.  Kool-Aid is permanent! It will […]
  • how to use hair chalk

    How To Color Your Hair With Hair Chalk

    Hair chalk is a brilliant idea for fast, temporary hair color. If you want to add glamour, attitude or flair to your long, medium or short hairstyles, hair chalk is a fun, easy way to do it! Hair chalk is becoming increasingly popular as the word spreads. Hair chalk does not damage hair, like chemical […]