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Well I bought the Hair Formula 37 about two weeks ago and since I started using them I cannot begin to explain how well my hair looks. I had not been to my hair dresser the same length of time and when I showed up, she told me my hair looked beautiful.

She always find fault with my hair. This time, none. I knew it was the pills! Now I am hoping that my hair will grow longer. It is already just past my shoulders but it never gets any longer than that. This product so far proves to me that it works. I will keep using it until I start seeing length. You will hear from me again it if grows longer!!! Thanks


I started taking HF37 about a month ago. I take one step 1 and two step 2 pills twice a day. I try to do this as close to 12 hours apart as I can to keep the nutrients level in my system. I don't worry whether I take them on a full or empty stomach. Sometimes I eat, and sometimes I just take the pills.

I love my hair and nails so I am always trying things that claim to do wonders. Some do - some don't.

I would have to put HF37 in the "do" category. My nails were the first change I noticed. They are thicker, longer, and split less. The tips are a bright white and the bed is a nice pink. Looks like I have a french manicure without doing anything to them. I actually have all ten the same length. A great feat for me.

My hair is softer, curlier (I have a slight natural wave as it gets longer), and has grown about an inch. It just bounces more. My hair wasn't really a problem before but I have colored it in the past and I am growing it out now. I just want it to be in it's best shape since it isn't getting cut off.

My skin has also improved. They don't mention that in any of the advertisements but my chronic couple of pimples seems to have cleared as well.

All in all, I would recommend this product to anyone. It can't work for everyone but if you have problems with nails, hair or skin it is worth the price of one months supply to see what it can do for you.

Kim (from message board at

I have been using these vitamins for 2 weeks, and there is a drastic difference in the texture of my hair, it is soft and silky and very shiney. I love these things!!


Hair Formula 37 is better than any other vitamin I have ever tried. I have been taking every other kind of hair vitamin. At first I didn't see a difference with hair formula 37 but then I started taking 2 step one and 9 step two and my hair began growing faster within days. I learned that it was the step two that made the difference. I am almost out so I am going to get a step two bottle next time. My nails are growing too. My nails were short and kind of brittle. Now my pinky nail is almost curved over....

 -- Jamila


I am currently taking HF37 as well. Before I started taking it, I had about 1 1/2 inches of my hair trimmed. I noticed about a month and a half later that my hair had grown back and then some! I also now have stronger and longer nails.
I was against trying it for a while because I did not want to spend 40 dollars, but now I'm glad that I did.

-- Shan (from


Hi! I am taking the vitamins and it is doing wonders on my hair! My hair has never grown past my shoulders before HF37!! :) Now it is growing longer! I hope it does not quit until I have hair down to my waist! Maybe it is because in the past I did not take any kind of vitamins or it was the harsh shampoos and conditioners! All I know is that its finally growing and I am so happy!


this HF37 actually has made a difference :) My hair will be the desired length in much less time now ! I want my hair healthy if it's going to be past my shoulders -


I have to say I love this product. I have really thick curly hair. 4 months ago I cut my hair really short. It was only an inch long. I regretted it so my friend told me to order your product. I couldn't believe that my hair had actually grown 5 inches in 4 months. My hair dresser couldn't believe it either. She also noticed that my hair didn't have as much split ends as before. She wanted to know what I was doing so she can recommend it to all of her clients.

Thank you so much for offering this excellent product!

        - Sydney

My hair has always been damaged but when I used your product, it became healthy and my hair grew longer than it ever has in years!
       - Caroline

I have always had problems growing my hair on the sides. While the rest of my hair was a nice length the sides would be less than an inch. It was thin too (you could see the scalp -- if I didn't cover it up with hair on top of my head). I bought Hair Formula 37 to increase my length and I also began to see the growth of hair on the sides. It has obviously grown, I can grip it and curl it with a curling iron too. Now I watch the sides and edges of my hair to tell if HF 37 is working. Ladies and gentlemen, it is. Like I said before, it is difficult to tell new growth with all of my hair. But, the sides don't lie. Try it, it works. Thanks, I have been looking for this all my life.

I am a black woman and my hair is braided.  I have been using the vitamins for a month.  The hair growth is phenomenal.  I am going natural and I have found that this is the best way to grow my hair out really fast.  Plus, my nails are thicker and stronger than they have ever been and my skin looks great.  People constantly ask me if I am wearing makeup, and I quite proudly say no.  It is just the natural glow that I have.  I love these vitamins.
 - Renee

I have very fine, brittle, relaxed hair. My hair grows slowly and breaks off, so it usually only gets to be shoulder length and I have to keep it shorter. Since using Hair 37, I have noticed that my hair grows in half the amount of time. My hair is also thicker and stronger.

I am a African American female with relaxed hair. I have been using Formula 37 for 1 month. My hair sheds less, and is growing very ast. I love these vitamins to death!

-Terrie Meadows

I have what I consider to be slow growing hair.  3 weeks ago, I started taking the Hair Formula 37 Vitamins.  I color my hair, so I can tell if a product is working by the outgrowth of my roots.  Usually by 3 weeks after a touch-up, my roots aren't visible.  This month, I started noticing them at 2
1/2 weeks.  My manicurist also commented on how fast my nails have been growing.  Naturally, I'm thrilled.  I've taken many other itamins and
supplements and seen little or no results.  I never thought I'd be happy to
see roots!  I can't say exactly how fast it's growing, but I have noticed a
difference.  Thanks for making a good product.




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