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Guide to Match Face Shapes And HairStyles


One of the first things you should do when considering a new haircut is to learn the shape of your face. Here is a quick guide of the most common face shapes and some tips on which hairstyles work for each one.

It is important to keep in mind that there is no "perfect" face shape. Work with your hair stylist to choose a style that works best for your face shape and you will love it!

Square face shapes are characterized by angular and an equally wide forehead and jawline. These types of face shapes should avoid hairstyles that follow the same pattern of the face: no blunt chin length bobs, no straight bangs. A square face can be enhanced by wearing short styles like a pixie cut or shoulder length wavy hair.
square face shape
A rectangle face shape is similar to the square face shape in that the sharp forehead and jawline are equally proportioned in width, but the face is just a bit longer. Those with rectangle face shapes should avoid long straight hairstyles that do not add any volume to the sides. Medium length styles with curls or waves and short graduated bobs with wispy bangs work well with this shape of face.
rectangle face shape
Similar to the rectangle and square face shapes is the oblong face shape. The oblong face shape is also sometimes referred to as the long face shape. Avoid long straight styles as these can make the face appear even longer. These types of faces are best suited for short to medium length hairstyles with waves and texture that adds volume to the sides.
oblong face shape
For many years the oval face shape was incorrectly nicknamed the "perfect" face shape. Now hairstylists understand that different face shapes can pull off a variety of haircuts and there is no one "perfect" face. Oval face shapes do have the benefit of having more overall symmetry in the bone structure, with an equally curved forehead and jawline. For this reason, oval faces can wear many more styles than other more angular face shapes. Oval shaped faces do not need to really avoid any particular style. Short, medium, long, straight, or curly all tend to work with this shape of face.
oval face shape
Triangle face shapes (sometimes referred to as Pear face shapes) have wider jawlines and narrow foreheads. These types of face shapes should avoid styles that add to the fullness of the jawline, such as chin length bob hairstyles. Shorter styles should be ear length or higher and add volume to the crown. Longer styles look best with short to medium layers that add fullness to the top of the hair. Curly or wavy hair suits triangle face shapes very well.
triangle face shape

An inverted triangle face shape is basically the opposite of the triangle face shape: it is characterized by a smaller forehead and wider jawline. An inverted triangle face shape is best suited for styles that accentuate the jawline. These face shapes should avoid cuts that make the forehead appear wider, such as blunt straight bangs or heavily layered short styles. A hairstyle like an inverted bob that hits right at jaw level is ideal for this shape of face.

Heart face shapes are very similar to inverted triangle face shapes, however heart shaped faces tend to have a more rounded forehead with a hairline that comes to a point. Those with heart face shapes should avoid hairstyles with volume at the crown or straight cut bangs. The best styles for this type of face shape are medium to long styles that hit at the jawline and longer. Layers and sideswept bangs are also good for this shape of face.
heart face shape
Diamond face shapes are not as common as other face shapes. These types of faces tend to have higher or more pronounced cheek bones with smaller jawlines and foreheads. This face shape should avoid hair that is cut at ear/cheek level. Ideal hairstyles for diamond face types will add fullness to the forehead and jawline areas. Blunt bangs cut straight across the forehead can achieve this fullness while still accenting the cheekbones. Short styles should be cut above the ears/cheek level, and medium to long styles can be cut with choppy layers.
diamond face shape

Round face shapes are slightly wider in the middle than they are at the top and bottom of the face. Round faces also tend to have less defined cheekbones and wider foreheads and jawlines. This face shape should avoid hairstyles that are too blunt or straight across, as well as hair that is ear length. To enhance a round face, choose a hairstyle that is either very short (cut above the ears) or shoulder length with volume at the crown. Slightly long sideswept bangs look best with this face shape.