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Best Treatment For Damaged Hair - 09-25-2013 - Article
If you, like so many from us, are suffering from dry, brittle, dull, and lifeless hair, there is hope for your lovely locks. Our hair is tortured by over-styling, over processing, our environment, ou. Read More

The Best Lip Plumper For Luscious Lips - 09-10-2013 - Article
Have you noticed that your full, luscious lips are now appearing thinner or even smaller? Could you be someone who has always dreamed of having that perfect pout?

Well, you are not alone. Many o. Read More

Easy Summer Hairstyles - 08-13-2013 - Article
Summer should be filled with fun, freedom, and fabulous hair! While out enjoying the beautiful weather and all that summer brings, we want to look fresh, flawless, and fabulous! Our hair is no excep. Read More

Surprising Secrets About Spider Vein Treatment At Home - 07-09-2013 - Article
If you are like me, you may have always thought spider veins and/or varicose veins were a problem only to be suffered from by my grandmother or other older women. This was before I actually experienc. Read More

10 Summer Hair Care Tips - 06-24-2013 - Article
Summer brings warm sunshine, beach days, and pool parties, but all the fun in the sun can be damaging to hair. Unlike winter time, our hair is exposed to far more chemicals and harmful UV rays during. Read More

Prevent Puffy Eyes In The Morning - 06-21-2013 - Article
How many times have we awakened only to be scared of our own image when we first look in the mirror because our eyes look like some monster from a horror film? Dark skin with puffy and swollen eyes c. Read More

Tips For Sunless Tanning - 05-28-2013 - Article
The FDA has stated and documented a 75% increased risk in developing melanoma among tanning-bed users. Sunbathing, while a healthier choice, can still increase your risk and cause premature agi. Read More

3 Secrets To Healthy Vibrant Hair - 05-23-2013 - Article
Ever wonder why sometimes your hair seems to look more vibrant and healthy, while other times it just looks drab? This is due to irregular maintenance of everyday hair care. Naturally heal. Read More

Best Hair Removal Methods For Smooth Sexy Skin - 05-16-2013 - Article
With the warmer season fast upon us, we all are getting ready for the cute skirts, sundresses, stylish shorts, fabulous swimsuits, and strappy sandals. These trendy togs demand that we get rid of tha. Read More

Top 4 Hair Vitamins for Faster Growing Hair - 05-14-2013 - Article
Make your faster growing hair dreams a reality! Focusing on making your hair the best it can be, will allow you to achieve beautiful healthy, longer hair you secretly desire. Diet and nutrition are . Read More

The Truth About The Best Hair Conditioners - 05-08-2013 - Article
Why should you use a hair conditioner and what is the best hair conditioner for you? Hair conditioners, in one form or another, have been used for centuries and are essential to keep. Read More

How To Blow Dry Hair Straight - 05-02-2013 - Article
It's best to use hot styling tools as little as possible since over time the heat can weaken and damage your hair. To reduce damage, you can blow dry hair straight and skip having to use the flat iro. Read More

Natural Oils for Hair and 10 Hair Oil Treatments - 04-29-2013 - Article
You are among the many who search natural oils for hair and hair oil treatments to help quench your dry hair thirst and encourage healthier hair growth! Dry hair is one of the most comm. Read More

7 Hair Care Tips For Bleached Hair - 04-23-2013 - Article
Whether it's highlighted, dip dyed, or completely platinum, bleached blonde hair is the most popular summer hair color. Bleached hair can be a great look, but it can leave hair looking dried and frie. Read More

6 Tips to Grow African American Hair Longer - 04-15-2013 - Article
Moisture is very important to the health and growth of African American hair. African American hair is delicate and fragile and must be cared for sufficiently, if long hair growth is the goal. Moist. Read More

What Type Of Shampoo Is Right For You - 04-12-2013 - Article
Finding what type of shampoo is right for you can be a challenge. The shampoo aisle at the store can be confusing with each bottle claiming it will do something different to your hair. The Read More

How to Get Wavy Beach Hair - 04-09-2013 - Article
Summer time is almost here, time to hit the beach! Long days on the beach seem to make hair look perfect. Having natural wavy hair makes it a little easier to obtain sexy beach hair. If you have st. Read More

Home Remedies For Dry Hair - 04-04-2013 - Article
Everything from pollution to hair dryers can wreak havoc on your hair. If you've noticed your hair becoming dull and brittle, head into your kitchen and try making some of these natural home . Read More

14 Easy Hairstyles for Medium to Long Length Hair - 04-01-2013 - Videos
Long hair is so much fun to play with because the designs are endless! Braids, buns, updos, ponytails, just so many choices! Whether you are looking for ideas for casual affairs such as work and s. Read More

5 Tips For Growing Out A Pixie Haircut - 03-28-2013 - Article
We've all been there at some point: chopped off our hair into a short cut and then realized the pain of having to grow it all out again. Here are some tips for growing out a pixie haircut so that you. Read More

21 Tips You Should Know to Make Hair Grow Faster and Longer - 03-26-2013 - Article
You are not alone if you are looking for tips to make hair grow faster and longer. Many are on the hunt for the perfect miracle to grow long, beautiful hair. Unfortunately, its not always just one h. Read More

How To Get Shiny Healthy Hair - 03-21-2013 - Article
Everyone wants hair that shines and looks healthy, but over time a combination of coloring, styling, and even pollution can leave hair looking damaged and dull. Here's how to get shiny healthy hair t. Read More

Repair Skin with Copper Peptides - 03-21-2013 - Article
Copper peptides are one of the best kept skin care secrets to get younger looking skin and repair skin damage. Scientific studies have shown how copper peptides quickly respond and assist in he. Read More

New Hairstyle Trends For 2013 - 03-14-2013 - Article
The best time of the year to try a new hairstyle is the spring! This year's most anticipated new hairstyle trends come straight off the fashion runways. These new hairstyles are all. Read More

Anti Aging Ingredients You Should Know About - 03-12-2013 - Article
Looking for anti aging ingredients in skin care products is common as we age. We all want to sip from the Fountain of Youth for an immediate restoration of our once youthful body, skin and hair. To . Read More

Eyebrow Threading What Is It - 03-08-2013 - Article
Threading is a hair removal technique that uses a twisted cotton thread to pull out unwanted, ugly hairs from the root. This method of hair removal originated thousands of years ago in the Middle Eas. Read More

How To Style Naturally Curly Hair - 03-07-2013 - Article
Styling naturally curly hair can be challenging. It can be very tempting to fight frizzy curls by reaching for the flat iron, but too much straightening can lead to damaged hair. Instead of trying t. Read More

Do You Know About the Hair Chalk Trend - 03-01-2013 - Videos
Hair chalk is a brilliant idea for fast, temporary hair color. If you want to add glamour, attitude or flair to your long, medium or short hairstyles, hair chalk is a fun, easy way to do it! Hair ch. Read More

4 Quick Ways To Get Thicker Hair - 02-28-2013 - Article
Thick, voluminous hair is a style that many want, but not all of us were born with a head full of thick hair. Thankfully making fine, limp hair look thick and full is relatively easy. Here are some . Read More

How To Stop Graying Hair - 02-21-2013 - Article
Graying hair is often thought of as a sign of aging, but in some cases premature gray hairs can start to appear on your scalp while you're still in your 20s or 30s. Knowing how to stop graying hair f. Read More

Coloring Hair With Kool Aid - 02-20-2013 - Video
Coloring hair with koolaid seems to be quite the rage these days. Cheap, long lasting hair color with the entire rainbow to choose from! Or is it? You can find many tutorials on Youtube and on . Read More

Oils For Dry Hair - 02-19-2013 - Article
If you have dry hair, you have probably tried a variety of moisturizing hair products. Unfortunately most hair care products labeled "moisturizing" only provide a temporary soft coating to your hair . Read More

Tips For Straightening Hair Like A Pro - 02-14-2013 - Article
For those born with wavy or curly hair, getting stick straight hair used to mean visiting a salon every few weeks to get expensive straightening services. Fortunately you don't need a stylist to get . Read More

Vitamins For Healthy Hair - 01-29-2013 - Article
There are a wide variety of products available to help improve the appearance of hair. Some of the most beneficial of these are vitamins for healthy hair growth. Working to improve hair from the ins. Read More

Treating Dry And Damaged Hair - 05-02-2012 - Article

Between styling and coloring, hair can go through a lot of stress. Over time hair can become damaged and start to break, feel dry, or look dull and lifeless. Damaged hair can be caused by a numbe. Read More

"The Truth about your Hair" - Article
There are many misconceptions about hair and its care. Once one knows the truth, the solution for hair challenges becomes logical, not a hidden secret to be discovered.... Read More

"Advancements in Hair Color and Hair Care" - Article
The hair industry certainly has gone through some major changes in the past 30 years. One of my favorite developments is the fact that today we have so many customized hair care products...Read More

"All About Hair Color" - Article
Looking for the hair color that is right for you can be baffling. There are so many choices. And many people are concerned of the effects of the chemicals on their bodies.Read More

"Advancements in Hair Color and Hair Care" - Article
The hair industry certainly has gone through some major changes in the past 30 years. One of my favorite developments is the fact that today we have so many customized hair care products...Read More

"5 Hair Care Secrets" - Article
If you are trying to grow your hair out and prevent damage, you might need to try a few unconventional methods....Read More

"How to find the perfect hairstyle" - Article
The most important thing to remember is to do the best you can with what you've got....Read More

"Hair loss, women, and what to do about it" - Article
For most women this is just about one of the scariest things they can think of. Women are not supposed to lose their hair…are they?...Read More

"Perfect wedding day hair and makeup" - Article
With millions of dollars spent each year on weddings, it amazes me that when it comes to cutting corners for that perfect day, the hair and make up is the first to go....Read More

"Manage stress with Aromatherapy" - Article
The pace of modern life, pressures in the workplace and all the demands of life in a continually changing world, make this an age of “stress”. What can we do to help our selves to stay centered and balanced in the rapid change that is around us?...Read More

"The Care and Feeding of Long Hair" - Article
Healthy, beautiful long hair offers so many rewards! Getting there isn't difficult, but it requires a partnership between you and your stylist....Read More