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14 Easy Hairstyles for Medium to Long Length Hair

Posted: 04-01-2013 - More Hair Care Articles

long hairstylesLong hair is so much fun to play with because the designs are endless! Braids, buns, updos, ponytails, just so many choices! Whether you are looking for ideas for casual affairs such as work and school or looking for ideas to spark the perfect hairstyle for prom, check out the following how to videos. We have compiled several popular Youtube videos for how to create hairstyles for long hair and medium length hair that have been viewed millions of times. You will need the following items to recreate many of the hairstyles you see:

1. Hairbrush
2. Hairspray
3. Bobbie pins
4. Elastic hair band

10 Easy, Quick Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair & Hairstyles for Medium Hair

asksash88 put this video up 2 years ago and it already has 10 million views! In less than 10 minutes, she gives you 10 hairstyles that are perfect for medium to long length hair using no heat and minimal hair accessories.

Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for Long Medium Hair Tutorial

bebexo has a blog dedicated to hairstyle tutorials and comes up with the cutest hairstyles for medium to long length hair! In this video she covers details on how to do the following hair styles.

1. Twisted Braided Hairband
2. Flip in Half Updo
3. Pompadour and Side Braid
4. Messy High Bun

For more hairstyles for long hair, check out the images in our long hairstyles gallery.