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5 Tips For Growing Out A Pixie Haircut

Posted: 03-28-2013 - More Hair Care Articles

Growing out a pixie haircutWe've all been there at some point: chopped off our hair into a short cut and then realized the pain of having to grow it all out again. Here are some tips for growing out a pixie haircut so that you can successfully get through the growing phase a little easier.

1. Trim and shape often

The worst part about growing out a pixie haircut is when different layers of hair start to grow and create a shaggy style. It may sound counterproductive, but it's important to not neglect salon vists when trying to grow out your hair. Hair needs to be trimmed and reshaped often to avoid unflattering styles that tend to happen naturally.

2. Add texture

Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles as your hair is growing. Hair is not going to grow out at the same length. Use different styling products to create texture. Spike hair, scrunch it, twist it. As your hair grows, you'll be able to create small curls or flip the ends out.

3. Grow bangs

Letting the front of hair grow long is one key to avoiding the mullet look. Grow bangs out to balance the length of the back of hair. The back may need to be trimmed and shaped a few times in order to let the bangs grow a bit first.

4. Accessorize

Growing out a pixie haircut can take quite awhile and styling options can be limited during the first six months or so. Use hair accessories to add some variety to your styles.

5. Take vitamins

Vitamins can stimulate hair follicles and help speed up the growing process. A regular supply of biotin, protein, and other minerals can make hair grow faster. Hair vitamins can also help ensure that your hair grows out healthy and strong.

We recommend using these products when growing out a pixie haircut:
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