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6 Tips to Grow African American Hair Longer

Posted: 04-15-2013 - More Hair Care Articles

grow african american hair longerMoisture is very important to the health and growth of African American hair. African American hair is delicate and fragile and must be cared for sufficiently, if long hair growth is the goal. Moisture is necessary for hair to be resilient and elastic, preventing premature breakage. Adding heat styling tools or chemical treatments to the mix, increases the potential of hair breakage. Hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons dry out hair. Any moisture in the hair usually evaporates, leaving hair dry and brittle. Lack of moisture is a very common reason for African American hair breakage, preventing hair from growing long.

How to Grow African Hair Longer

1. Drink More Water

Drinking water is one of the most important things you can do to grow African American hair longer. Water helps hair to become more resilient and keeps hair looking healthy and shiny, instead of dry and brittle. If hair lacks moisture, it will dry out and snap, leaving you with broken hairs and preventing you from growing longer hair. The scalp (just like skin) requires water to stay hydrated. The more you drink, the better the benefits.

2. Show Your Scalp Love

Hair strands themselves are dead, however, the living part of hair strands are found in follicles on the scalp. The scalp houses, nourishes and grows hair. It must refrain free of any inhibitors, (product build-up, sweat, oils, dirt, smoke) that may interfere with hair growth. Your scalp receives nutrients from the blood, therefore proper blood flow is important to the life of your hair! Treat yourself to a mini scalp massage 3-4 times a week. Use the beds of your fingers, work in circular motion all over your scalp. For dry hair and scalp, massage using a nutritious hair or scalp oil.

3. Take Hair Supplements

The scalp must receive nutrition from the body that is sutible to grow African American hair longer. Due to hectic lifestyles, hair may not receive enough nutrients through regular diets. Hair vitamins provide your body with the nutrients needed to promote stronger, healthier, longer hair. The best black hair vitamins to grow long African American hair, should contain a combination of vitamins and proteins (amino acids). Amino acids are crucial when growing longer hair.

4. Eat More Protein

Amino acids, or protein, is vital to the growth of hair. Hair consists and is made of protein. Eating lean protein, can help to grow African American hair longer. Hair craves and needs protein. Chicken, fish, eggs, beans and nuts are excellent foods for hair growth.

5. Condition Weekly

Water is the best source of hydration. Water softens, hydrates and moisturizes hair, making hair more manageable. Revive hair with a moisturizing spritz, or leave in conditioner daily. To seal in moisture, apply a nourishing hair oil such as coconut oil, to lock in moisture while boosting hair shine and health!

6. Cut Off Those Dead Ends

Stop holding on to dead length. If your ends are unhealthy and damaged, get them cut. There is nothing cute about having long, damaged, unhealthy looking hair. Hair may not even get the chance to grow long if hair breakage is happening faster than the rate your hair is growing. Not cutting split ends or damaged ends, can deter you from your goal - to grow African American hair longer.