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Prevent Puffy Eyes In The Morning

Posted: 06-21-2013 - More Hair Care Articles

prevent puffy eyes in the morningHow many times have we awakened only to be scared of our own image when we first look in the mirror because our eyes look like some monster from a horror film? Dark skin with puffy and swollen eyes can force our morning routine to be longer, harder, and more stressful as we race to make ourselves look rested and refreshed.

What causes puffy eyes and how can we reduce puffy eyes? Consider these tips to prevent puffy eyes in the morning so that your day can begin perfectly rather than puffy!

Causes of Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes, which are the swelling of the eyelids and/or the skin under the eyes, can be caused by many different issues. Because the skin around the eye is filled with blood vessels and is very thin, it is very delicate and sensitive to many factors. Genetics, stress, lack of sleep, crying, water retention, allergies, and hormone changes can all cause puffy eyes in the morning.

All of these issues can cause those tender blood vessels to swell and become inflamed. While we may not be able to rid ourselves of any or all of these issues, we can definitely try some tricks to alleviate their result of puffy and swollen eyes.

How to Reduce Puffy Eyes

Even though we cannot change our genetics, we can try our best to make sure that we take care of ourselves. Although easier said than done, try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night. This will always reduce the amount of swelling and help to prevent puffy eyes in the morning. Placing an ice pack or cold compress on puffy eyes for just a few minutes or washing the eye area with cold water will also greatly reduce swelling and puffiness.

If allergies are the culprit, try to find the best over-the-counter allergy medication for you or speak with your doctor if those medications do not seem to work. Also, always make sure to remove all eye make-up before you retire for the evening, which will prevent possible irritation.

Finding a really good eye cream for puffiness is a wonderful method to prevent puffy eyes in the morning. Make sure the cream is specifically formulated to treat puffy eyes and / or dark circles and is gentle enough for the eye area.

In addition, you can actually make puffy eyes disappear with the perfect concealer. Look for concealers that will warm your skin. Finally, mask those puffy eyes by applying eyeliners and mascara only on the upper lash line. This will draw attention away from the puffiness.

Waking up to puffy and swollen eyes can wreak havoc on anyone's morning. However, finding the cause of puffy eyes will give you the answers you need to reduce the puffiness and swelling. Using these tips to alleviate and prevent puffy eyes in the morning can give that radiant, rested, and refreshed look that we all need for the day!

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