How To Repair Damaged Hair

Professional Styling Tips For Repairing Damaged Hair

Preventing Damage

Damage to the hair is usually caused by heat (irons, blow drying, curlers, heat lamps, etc.), U.V. rays (Sun, lights, tanning beds), mechanical devices (combs, brushes, curling irons, etc.), chemicals (color, perms, relaxers, pool chemicals, the air, etc), or poor diet (specifically -lack of proteins and essential fatty acids).

Here are some ways to prevent or "help" prevent damage to your hair:

    1) Use a thermal protector when using heat. See more information about thermal protectors under conditioners
    2) Do not blow dry the hair completely dry. Leave a little moisture in.
    3) Use a conditioner with U.V. protectors built in.
    4) Use a low or no ammonia hair color.
    5) Air oxidize perms instead of using the neutralizer.
    6) Never brush wet or damp hair. Use a wide toothed comb. See more information in our section about hair styling tools
    7) On dry hair use a boars hair brush and start at the ends and work up.
    8) Clarify your hair after you swim.
    9) Blow dry on the "cool" setting.
    10) Eat foods high in protein and essential fatty acids

Quick Fixes

These are only temporary fixes. They do not provide real solutions to damaged hair. They provide a way to get the hair look good fast. Again, I hesitate to even write this column because I do not want to give you the impression these ideas should be used on a regular basis. True "fixes" are above and below this column.

    1) Mist a glosser into dry hair. Many companies claim glossers "repair the hair", they don't. They do coat the hair with a layer of silicone oil (dimethicone, cyclomethicone). See more information about glossers in our section about hair conditioners
    2) Use a flexible styling gel. Apply to damp hair and blow dry or air dry.
    3) Take 1-3 drops of coconut or argan oil in your hand. Rub your hands together and smooth onto dry hair.

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Real Solutions for Damaged Hair

The following is written on the understanding you have already damaged your hair and need help to repair the damage.

Here are some real solutions that may take a little time. Please note also that damaged hair IS NOT necessarily dry hair. Dry hair is a completely different topic. The tips below will only protect and repair damage hair.

    1) Go to a salon and get all of your split ends trimmed off. You can't start repairing your hair until you get rid of the damaged ends.
    2) Reduce colorings and chemical processing.
    3) Start taking a good hair supplement
    4) Make a hair mask using avocados and olive oil and apply to hair a few times a month.