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Hair Styling Gels

Hair gels are now available in many different preparations to meet the needs of consumers. Hair gels can be used in a variety of ways to create different looks and styles. Clients wanting more texture (hair thickness), shine, curl definition, straightness, control, or spikes now have an array of hair styling gels to suit their needs. There are 7 main categories for hair gels. They are ringing gels, stringing gels, spiking gels, smoothing gels, curling gels, spray gels and foaming gels. In this review we test a range of “salon only” styling gels. The gels we selected were chosen at random and were purchased at two popular hair salons. The testing was done in order for you to make the proper selection of gel to suit your needs. (go to hair gel reviews)

How hair gels work
The way nearly all hair styling gels work is similar. Each uses a specific polymers/copolymer that when dry forms a film that that bonds individual hair strands together and provides hold. Polymers are formed by the chaining together (cross-linking) of like molecules. Ideally the best polymers when dry, allow some flexibility, are transparent, do not absorb moisture (become sticky) from the air, and do not flake when brushed. Hair gels provide differing levels of hold depending on the intended use.

Selecting the right gel
In selecting a hair styling gel it is important to first determine what you want to accomplish with your hair. If your hair is long and curly a curl defining gel may be the best suited to show off your curls without a hard hold. If your hair is short and you want to spike your hair up, a stronger holding gel may be the best choice. One of the main reasons a person may not like a particular hair gel is that it may not be suited for that hair type.
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Gels and mousses/foams…what is the difference?
Many people wonder what’s the difference between a mousse/foam and a hair gel. Gels tend to be thicker and go on heavier. A propellant dispenses Mousses/foams. Foams often have a surfactant and tend to be spread more thinly on the hair. Many hair stylists will explain it by saying, “Gels for definition, structure and hold…foams for volume.” Often the holding polymer is the same in gels and foams but the delivery of the product is different.

How to best use a gel
The key in using a gel is to use it in moderation. Most manufactors recommend using a “dime or nickel size” amount in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to spread the gel on your palms evenly, and then apply to the hair. Start with a small amount, apply, and add more if needed. The mistake many people make is using too much gel, which causes the hair to become heavy, and makes the hair difficult to style. If your goal is to create lift and or volume, apply the gel to the roots first and work it towards the ends.
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