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The HairPRO Laser Comb Brush features a 660 Cold Wide Beam Laser Transmitter. By featuring a wide beam laser the light energy produced by HairPro is able to transmit through the entire length of the brush. By transmitting a 660 Cold Laser the entire length of the brush you will experience full scalp penetration. In addition HairPro features 36 LED stimulators, using technology developed by the government to massagethe scalp and stimulate hair growth with light emitting diodes.

"The Viatek HairPro has changed my life. I am 64 years old (don't look it), but I have never had nice hair. I have gone to BOSTON SPECIALISTS and tried pills and everything you could think of including Rogaine, nothing worked. The Viatek HairPro is unbelievable! I have used it for a steady 2 1/2 months. Every other day and for once in my life all the hair that I never had has grown in silky, thicker and even a bit wavy. Even my older hair is MUCH BETTER! Your product is more than excellent, God Bless and Thank You!
Toni - Massachusetts

“The Viatek HairPro Laser Brush Hair Loss Treatment has been a dream come true, not only does it work, but it works in a matter of weeks!"
Elias- Orlando, FL

“I didn't think it was possible. At first I thought to myself 'yeah right', but I was wrong the Viatek HairPro Laser Brush works and works fast!"
John- Orlando, FL

Brush with the Viatek HairPro Laser Comb for 15 minutes, three times a week. Many users begin to see results after 7 weeks of use. For some, it may take 10-12 weeks. Using the Laser Comb more often will not increase results.

The HairPro Laser Brush is an ISO certified product. Certification to ISO standards assures our customers and potential that the Viatek HairPro is monitored by a Quality Management System in accordance with the International Standards Organization.

In addition, the Viatek HairPro Laser Brush has been granted CE certification and is FDA recognized in accordance with the essential health and safety requirements. The CE marking ensures that the Viatek HairPro Laser Brush is safe for consumer use.

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